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Solutions for office and administration buildings

Users of modern office buildings communicate, organise and act. In so doing, they place major demands on the functionality and flexibility of the electrical infrastructure. Solutions from OBO create the basis for this. They conduct electricity, route data and control energy. And they ensure safety wherever lots of people come together every day.

The OBO complete units are made from solid metal and are equipped with a protective contact socket and can also be supplemented with data technology when required. The round covers are either chrome, brass or copper-plated and can be integrated perfectly in floor coverings of different colours. In a closed state, they are suited for wet care.

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Solutions for health care

There are few places in which a failure in the power supply is more critical than in hospitals. Patients with limited mobility, sensitive procedures and delicate instruments require the highest level of reliability and safety.

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Solutions for private housing

These is scarcely another place in which we feel as secure and safe as within our own four walls. OBO can offer a range of electrical components, giving people a safe and comfortable life in their homes.

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Solutions for sporting and event locations

It all happens here: Lots of eager people, exciting games and amazing concerts. It's good to know that behind the scenes, OBO products are making an important contribution to perfect operation.

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